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MFAS find its pace long back in 1969 when few music minded people of Mulund viz. Mr. K.K. Moorthy, Mr. P.M.Sundaram, Mr. K. Raman, Mr. R. L. Narasimhan and few others laid the foundation. The Mulund suburbs got its own first organisation for entertaining them with Carnatic Music, Tamil Dramas and Bharatnatyam, as no such organisation prevailed in Mulund at that time.The very first Managing Committee was formed with the aforesaid members.

The initial funding was done by all the Committee Members becoming Life Members by paying Rs. 250/- plus Re. 1/- as Entrance fee.

Application was also filed with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai for registration.

Monthly programmes :

For arranging mp and for drafting rules and regulations of the Society, the help and guidance of Shri T. V. Ramanujam and Shri. S. R. Kasturi who were connected with Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha and were veterans in the cultural field. With their advice the first few programmes were fixed and Committee gained knowledge about various artistes, their standards and remuneration payable to them.

The inaugural programme was a grand Nadaswaram recital by the then Senior Vidhwan Shri Namagiripettai Krishanan & Party held in April 1969 in the shamiana erected in an open ground lying vacant between Hill view CHS and Jeevanlakshmi CHS. Although we had by then enrolled some Life Members and Ordinary Members, the inaugural programme was kept open to the public so as to attract more people to join as members. The second programme at the same venue by the late M. L. Vasanthakumari & Party was a big draw. By that the name of the institution got a big way in Mulund. Within a matter of 6 months, the membership strength went up to 700. the other artistes who were invited in the first year for monthly programmes were T. K. Rangachari, B. Rajam Iyer, A. K. C. Natarjan, Ramnad Krishnan, Madurai N. Krishnan, Soolamangalam Sisters, Maharajapuram Santhanam, T. V. Sankaranarayanan, Trichur V. Ramachanran, S. Kalyanaraman, Mani Krishanswamy and Shri T. N. Krishanan.

Annual Festival :

The First Annual Festival held in April 1970 is still a memorable one and there has never been any future Annual Festival as equal to the first one.

That festival was held in a beautifully erected Shamiana in Morarji Compound adjoining Walji ladha Road.

The festival was inauguarated with a Grand Music Concert by late Chembai Vydyanatha Bhagavathar, who was a doyen of Music at that time.

It was followed by a Veena Recital by late Vidhwan S. Balachandar.

The third Music concert was by late Subbulakshmi, whose performance was the top.

The fourth day's Programme was a fantastic Dance drama by the famous Travancore Sisters - lalitha, Padmini & Ragini.

On the concluding day, a Musical Drama titled "Saint Thyagaraja" staged by Shri. S. R. Kasturi 's Matunga Dramatic Society.

In the next Annual Festival Programmes, we had brought great Musicians such as Yesudas, Balamuralikrishna, semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, K. B. Sundaramahal, D. K. Pattammal, Neduneri Krishanmurthy and Radha Jayalakshmi. In instrumental Music we had brought Shri Lalgudi jay ramanand M.S. Gopalakrishnan for Violin, Shri R. R. mahalingam K.S. Gopalakrishnan, B.N. Ssuresh and Dindigul Natarajan for Flute. We had also brought several Nadaswaram and thavil Vidhwans such as Sheikh Chinnamoulana Saheb, Thiruvadamaruthoor Veerasami, Semmanarkoil Brothers, karaikurichi Arunachalam, Valangaiman Shanmughasunderam, Thiruppambaram Brothers and Ambalapuzha Brothers. On the Drama we had brought the famous T.K.S. Brothers, R.S.Manohar, S.V.Sahasranaman, Cho Ramaswamy, Poornam Viswanathan and Major Sundararajan. On the Bharata Natyam side, we had brought the famous Kamala, Venniradai Nirmala, Padma Subramaniam, Chitra Visweswaran and Srividhya.

We had also brought several leading Light Music parties from the South such as A. V. Ramanan, K. Veeramani, T. M. Soundararajan, S. Janaki, Malaysia Vasu & Others.

Membership :
Membership is the main strength of our Organisation. Single Membership was dropped and the current Ordinary Membership was introduced which is also known as Family Membership. Apart from Life membership, a new class of Patrons was introduced. In Monthly programmes, the privilege of bringing 2 or 3 members from family is common to Ordinary Membership, Patrons and Life Members. The only privilege to Patrons is that they are given 2 free tickets for Annual Festivals in the upper class. Recently a new type of membership has been introduced i.e. Corporate Membership.

Following are the current Membership Fees :

Corporate Membership : Rs. 50,000/-
Patrons : Rs. 20,000/-
Life Member : Rs. 10,000/-
Ordinary Member :  Rs. 4,500/- for Three Years

Amendment :

The MFAS AGM held on 25/9/2016 has accepted & resolution has been passed the MCM recommendations of revision of membership fees as follows.

1) Corporate membership fees increased from 25,000/- to 50,000/-
2) The Life membership fees increased from 7,000/- to 10,000/-
3) Ordinary membership fees: - One year & Two year memberships are abolished.
Please note the above revised rates will be effective from 01/11/2016.
Members are requested to take a note of the revision & also take advantage of the implementation time given to all till 31/10/2016.

Music & Dance School :
In 1985 on Dassera Day, a small start was made with 4 students to learn Vocal Music with one Teacher Smt. Rajee Srinivasan in the Garage in Srinivas Building on R.H.B. Road, Mulund West. Next year more number of students was enrolled on Dassera day and hence one more Teacher Smt. Sridevi Ram was also appointed to teach Vocal Music. Hence 2 batches were separately functioning in the Garage for one more year. In 1987, Violin classes were started and by that time due to lack of space, the Managing Committee of South Indians' Organisation was approached to give us permission to conduct our Music classes in their premises. The permission was granted. Smt. Shanta Balasubramaniam was the first Teacher for Violin classes. Year by year more students got enrolled and our classes started gaining popularity in Mulund. The strength of Faculty also started increasing. To look after the administration and policy matters the principal was appointed. Smt. Vasantha Rajgopal was appointed as Hon. Principal assisted by Smt. Seetha Jayaraman as Hon. Vice Principal.

Mridangam Classes were started in November 1989 with Shri Chandramouli as the first teacher. Many boys enrolled themselves. After few years, Shri Chandramouli shifted to Chennai so Shri Erode Gururajan was appointed as teacher in his place. He also resigned and then Shri. K. V. Maniappan took charge of Mridangam Class. Shri Maniappan teaching was appreciated which brought 3 students at competition level and they gave stage performances at different places.

A remarkable feature of Music school is that our students have participated in other institutions and gained prestigious awards and this is only because of sincere and dedicated teachers who have to bring up the students in a systematic manner. 3 students - 2 from Vocal Music and 1 from Mridangam Class have received National Talent Scholarship Award from The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Delhi.

Bharatnatyam Classes were started in 1990 under the banner and guidance of Sri Rajarajeshwari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir, which is the foremost Institution in Bombay for training students in Bharata Natyam. The number of students is increasing. Two of our senior students learning were given special training for their Arangetram to be performed in Kalidas Hall, Mulund West in 2002 which was the first Arangetram of our BharathaNatyam class. Apart from this our students have stages Dance Ballets in Asthik Samaj, Matunga, Ayappa Temple in Kanjurmarg and the famous Nataraja temple in Satara. Here, the students' performances were highly appreciated.

In Dassera 2005, we started keyboard classes for which we have received overwhelming response.


Hon. Principal
Smt Seetha Jayaraman

Hon. Vice-Principal

Smt Vijaya Prakash

Teachers :
Smt Shyamala
Smt Rukmini Srinivasan
Smt Vijaya Prakash
Smt Indira Gurushankar
Shri P G Subramaniam
Smt Susheela Ramaswamy

Smt. Sarojini Murthy
Shri Krishna Natarajan
Smt Priya Santhosh
Shri Narayan Parthasarathy

Shri S Shankaranarayanan
Shri Prasad Balan

Bharata Natyam
Smt Padmini Radhakrishnan
Smt. Raji Viswanathan of Soundarya Natya Kalalaya

Ms Nitasha Chowdhary

Shri Prasad Ganapathy

Music School Co-ordinator
Smt Seetha Jayaraman

Dance School Coordinator :
Smt Vijaya Prakash

Managing Committee :
Managing Committee consists of 13 members, one President, one Vice President, two Jt. Secretaries, One Treasurer, one Asst. Treasurer and 7 Committee Members. The President retires every 3 years along with 4 members of the Managing Committee. They are all eligible for re-electing. Elections to the Managing committee including the President are done by the AGM. The support given by Late Shri R. Panchu who was the President for quite number of years is worth mentioning. Shri N. Rajgopal, who has been the President for about over two decades, has been the driving force to the organisation.



Shri N. Rajgopal


Shri N Sridhar

Hon. Jt. Secretaries

Smt Seetha Jayaraman & Shri P Sathyamurthy

Hon. Treasurer
Shri R Parthasarathy

Hon. Asst. Treasurer

Shri R Venkatramani

Committee Members

Smt Vijaya Prakash
Shri S Ramdas
Shri P R V Raghavan
Shri Hasan Sahib
Shri K K Kumar
Shri Narayanan Iyer

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