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MULUND FINE ARTS SOCIETY commenced their activities in April 1969 with a small humble beginning with a small bunch of dedicated and public spirited people. The objectives set forth for us some 45 years back is still being assiduously upheld by the successive managing committee. We have been doing yeoman service to the cultural aspirations and needs of the Mulund public and the adjacent suburbs. We have been concentrating on promotion of Fine Arts and have been catering to the rich tastes of the members by offering to them entertaining, programmes in classical & light music, dramas on various themes, and variety classical dances staged by leading, renowned, famous artists who were popular during the respective decades.

Our School and Classes :
Another important activity of ours is conducting regular classes in Bharat Natyam, Kathak dances, Vocal Classical, Violin, Keyboard, Mridangam and Hindustani Vocal. A set of dedicated teachers impart training and knowledge so well that we produce prize winning students who snatch away most of the prizes in the competitions held in the city, its suburbs and ever outside.

Talent promotion :
Apart from senior artists from south, we have been giving opportunities for promising, and upcoming local artists. Enlarging our scope of activities, we brought fresh ideas and made our programmes broad based and cover yet larger section of the community. In association with our sister organizations in the neighboring suburb we hold festivals for the benefit of the populace.

Literary Debates:
Literary debates, discussions with points & counterpoints (popularly known as Pattimanram) add lively varieties to programmes. We are the first to have boldly tried this in Mumbai and we now see that other Sabhas catch up more vigorously. After the success of maiden programme held a couple of years back, we have invited eminent scholars / professors and conducted debates on useful & topical subjects. We are sure the public enjoy the debates, when veteran speakers pour out their logic, each one of them convincingly.

Membership Update :


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As on 31.3.2018

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Life Members



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Ordinary Members

Need for our own Premises :
Our Music classes are currently conducted in the premises of Vani Vidhyalaya, well known South Indian educational organization, which has a well managed school upto plus two level. They have been very considerate in accommodating our Music Classes in the evenings. Since their class rooms are frequently requisitioned by Govt. and educational bodies, we are afraid that it may become difficult for them in the long run to assure the availability of rooms for our classes. It is our earnest desire therefore to have our own premises to conduct our Music and Dance classes. For this purpose we have been actively looking for a suitable place in Mulund for which we need lot of funds. Vacant plots are fast dwindling and hence urgency of funds to secure our own premises which is even now quite unaffordable for us. Nevertheless we should try to secure our own premises as quickly as possible. Hence this drive for enrollment of all categories of membership for our sabha and to seek your generous contribution to realise our goal. We have been therefore appealing to members, businessmen, industrialists and so on periodically to help us in our fund raising efforts. There has been good response but not sufficient enough to get the project started. We need lot more.

The Project :
We are looking for an independent premise to house:

  • Our Music school classes
  • Our dance classes
  • A mini Auditorium
  • An office Room

The total minimum plot area required is about   : 5000   sq. ft.
The minimum estimated cost of constructed premises : Rs. 800 Lacs

Project requires 2 years for completion, after acquisition of plot / premise.

Finance :
Revaluation of assets reveal that we will have about Rs. 100 Lacs, most of which are kept as Fixed Deposits with various Banks.

Location of premise :
Anywhere in Mulund

How you can help us : You may

  • Contribute to our Corpus Funds.
  • Become a permanent member of  our Sabha.
  • Sponsor any programme.
  • Secure a advertisement for our Festival Souvenir.
  • Contribute thro’ Banner display during Festivals.
  • Contribute to Endowment Funds.

Please come forward to help the organisation as we need for large contribution from you

Donations to our organization are exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The growth chart should be a testimony for our determination to grow.

We enclose an Application form for Membership, Advertisement form, and Festival, Monthly programme notice. For your choice / mode for helping our organisation please refer the order form.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours truly,

Yours truly,

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